Tel Aviv Storytelling

In July 2018, we traveled to Tel Aviv to host a Future of Women breakfast with art curator Noemi Givon at The Givon Art Forum, Israeli Chef Reut Arbiv, and our speakers, four Israeli women who are using different mediums — food, fashion, politics, virtual reality — to tell important stories about local culture.


Women from across Tel Aviv and from a range of industries - from fashion to journalism to design to public policy to culinary arts - joined us for delicious food and conversation! We welcomed four incredible speakers to share how they are telling important stories in food, fashion, politics, and virtual reality. We gathered at The Givon Art Forum, a new initiative in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv that seeks to address a perceived gap between the activities of today’s private gallery and the museum. Events and exhibitions in this space explore a range of propositions and views — be they those of the artist or the curator —signaling new directions and forging new understandings. A special thank you to Noemi Givon for generously welcoming us into her space.