Liana Rosenman // USA

In 2008, after recovering from anorexia nervosa, @LianaRosenman co-founded @ProjectHEAL. Project HEAL is the largest non-profit in the US that raises funds for eating disorder treatment, promotes healthy body image and self esteem, and inspires sufferers that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Project HEAL has funded 70 treatment grant recipients, has 40 Volunteer Led Chapters Worldwide (38 of those in the US). iana has been featured by @fastcompany @People @Huffpost @Shape@Refinery29 @Bustle @TeenVouge. She was named to @forbes' 30 Under 30 list for 2017 and The Daily Point of Light Award. Liana is also a 5th grade NEST teacher at PS 19.

We asked Liana about something difficult in her life and how she deals with it: “Something big and challenging that I am currently experiencing is Lyme Disease. Through recovery, I’ve learned how to appreciate myself as a whole person and to love myself for who I am. I have realized the strength and goodness that lies within my body. I became my body’s friend rather than its enemy. I took my body for granted until I woke up one day and realized my immune system stopped doing its job. My body has become my own worst enemy because I am no longer in control of my body — Lyme Disease is. I believe that there are life lessons in every circumstance joyous or otherwise. Whether it seems fair or not, obstacles present themselves for a reason and the experiences and introspection that these difficulties bring, allow us to evolve. I am learning to just be for the first time in my life. I am learning to find time for small daily rituals that keep my body healthy and happy. I am learning to rearrange my priorities to focus on my health. But most importantly, I am going to have to learn how to slow down, focus on HEALing and balancing life.”