Hoda Sana // USA + Afghanistan


@hodahealth is a passionate leader in the maternal and child health field. She conducted one of the first evaluation studies focused on high-risk patient outcomes in mobile clinics among the, largely discriminated against, Hazara population in the Dashti Barchi area in Kabul, Afghanistan. She finished her Masters and PhD in Maternal and Child Health with a focus on access to prenatal care for immigrant populations. She won the Chae Award for most distinguished research on social and health disparities in underserved communities. Currently, she is working with the @WHO and @CDCgov to start the first youth-friendly certification program for clinics in the U.S. The initiative aims to increase the number of youth accessing high-quality comprehensive medical care. Dr. Sana is motivated by advancing knowledge and understanding to create viable solutions aimed at creating just, inclusive patient care.

We asked Hoda who has been the greatest supporter of her dreams? “Amina Sadat (1933-2014), my grandmother, who exemplified perseverance when faced with limited opportunity in Afghanistan. May the way I live my life pay tribute to yours and the lack of opportunities you and countless women like you faced.”

Photo by: @thearthype. Clothing/styling by: @latulipedesigns