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You're invited to be part of a special FUTURE OF WOMEN project ❤

Women are blazing trails, shaping societies, and inspiring communities, but we often don’t hear enough about these women.

On January 11, we created FUTURE OF WOMEN to celebrate creative and adventurous women around the world. Through photography and film, we tell the stories of women who are breaking the mold to bring big and beautiful ideas to life.

This holiday season, we are creating a virtual #womenmade marketplace to feature the amazing creations that women are putting out into the world. 

  • Are you a fashion designer who just created a new line?
  • Are you a food entrepreneur who just put a delicious snack on the market?
  • Are you a writer who just published a book?
  • Are you creating a magical yoga retreat?

We would love to put your creations in front of people as they are searching for the perfect holiday gifts for their loved ones. Share your details below by November 10 to be featured on a beautiful website that we are building to feature creations by women around the world. The website will be a virtual pop-up marketplace for the holidays and we will publicize it widely with our followers (83% women, 56% between the ages of 25 and 34) and beyond. We launched #womenmade last week and we already have 70 incredible women/brands on board to join the marketplace that will launch just in time for the holidays. We've heard from artists, fashion designers, jewelry makers, cartoonists, and musicians (to name a few!) from the US, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Tanzania, England, Indonesia, France, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Germany.

For the eager shoppers out there: Sit tight, we'll let you know when the marketplace launches! Subscribe to our mailing list to stay in the loop.


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