Founded in January 2017 to tell the stories of incredible women around the world. 


Women are blazing trails, shaping societies, and inspiring communities, but we often don’t hear enough about these women.* On January 11, we created Future of Women to celebrate inspiring, creative, and adventurous women around the world. We wanted to amplify their voices in the media. Born out of a belief that women dream bigger when they are surrounded by exceptionally daring and accomplished women, we feature incredible ladies everywhere — women exploring new frontiers in media, science, food, tech, sports, music, theater, and art. We want to inspire women (especially young women) to dream big! In the first three months, we’ve profiled 75 women from 31 countries**, including World Cup Ski Cross Champions, Musical Comedians, Al Jazeera Filmmakers, and Environmentalists in the Arctic. It’s been so much fun!

Since our first feature, we’ve evolved and expanded:

  • We opened up nominations: When we first launched, we profiled incredible women in our own communities — women we’ve studied with, worked with, traveled with, and met through mutual friends. As we grew, we wanted to look beyond OUR circles to learn about exceptional women in the lives of our followers. So, we opened up a form to nominate women who are creating something BIG and beautiful, and who give back to their communities.
  • We started building a global community of female photographers: When we decide to profile a woman, we ask her to share a photo and bio. The quality of the photos that women have on hand varies. Rather than use photos that might be blurry or dark, we want to show women at their best - comfortable, relaxed, wearing clothes that make them feel *alive*, and leaning into their creative energy with bright colors, a fun spirit, and high resolution. So, we started building a global community of female photographers to photograph the women. We already have 40 young female photographers globally - from New Delhi to Buenos Aires to Los Angeles to Cape Town
  • We invited featured women to host Instagram Story Takeovers: We wanted Future of Women followers to see the featured women’s worlds for a day - women doing research on a farm in Chile, training on the ski slopes in Japan, and curating a contemporary art gallery in Israel. We began using Instagram Story Takeovers to do this. (An Instagram takeover is when an Instagram user — a featured woman! — posts on an account that is not their own — Future of Women’s account!) So far, we’ve had Instagram Story Takeovers from a photographer in NYC, a women’s fashion designer in Lisbon, and a contemporary art curator in Tel Aviv… and we’re getting ready to have an Instagram Story Takeover from a PhD environmentalist who focuses on sustainability in the Arctic! She’ll be reporting from the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemia where she’s part of a conference on human security in the Arctic… and where she’s participating in a reindeer race :) We love seeing the behind-the-scenes moments in the lives of our featured women.

We’re excited to share what’s next. We’re heading to Asia and Europe to film a video series with creative women! We’ve loved seeing the behind-the-scenes through Instagram Story Takeovers and we’re ready for more. Future of Women is heading to Indonesia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Spain, and France in May, June, and July with a video team to explore new places through the eyes and experiences of inspiring and creative women who are changing the world — exceptional female filmmakers, athletes, artists, chefs, tech entrepreneurs, and designers.

Thanks for being part of our journey ❤ We’re excited for the adventures ahead. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook.


*While women represent half of the world’s population, women represent less than one third of all speaking characters in film. 95% of films are directed by men, 80–90% of leads are male, and 55% of the time the woman is naked or scantily clad. Yet, films that feature women make 23% more than films that don’t. Return on investment is higher when the Director, Producer, Screenwriter, and/or Lead Actor is a woman. Films by and about women make more money. Hollywood only targets 18% of their films as “women films” and this means that there is a giant underserved audience and untapped profit potential.

**Countries: Afghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Syria, Togo, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States